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Gas Detector for Noisy Environments - PS500 Series

The PS500 Series is a precise and powerful gas detector designed by customers of Teledyne. It offers unparalleled protection in limited space applications.

The PS500 Series can be customized to identify a total of five gases with its catalytic and toxic sensors, infrared capabilities, and photoionization detectors. Using the “Plug and Play” option, customers can “plug in” the latest board with a varying gas range.

The PS500 Series is specifically useful in noisy settings. It features an extremely loud (95 dBA), distinctive, and penetrating audible alarm, along with a highly visible, large-area visual alarm. Diffusion, pump, or a combination of both subject the pumped sample to pre-entry checking and allow it to diffuse in limited space areas, increasing the life of batteries.

A molded, rugged, rubberized casing ensures excellent impact resistance. The PS500 Series can be utilized in the most adverse industrial settings.


Features of the PS500 Series

  • Visual and audible alarms
  • More than 15 “plug-and-play” smart sensors are included
  • Easy to maintain
  • Rugged construction
  • Low cost of ownership

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