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Toxic Gas Laser Detector - GD1

The GD1 toxic gas laser detector available from Teledyne has been built with features that offer an effective response to gas hazard detection in an extensive array of industrial settings, ranging from wastewater treatment plants to offshore production facilities.

The core feature of the detector is a tunable laser diode that removes environmental effects from rain, sun, and fog. The laser scans single absorption lines where no interference occurs due to other gases.

In contrast to conventional techniques for detecting H2S (MOS or EC cell), the GD1 does not require any recalibration and can replace several existing standard detectors to cover the same hazard. The comprehensive optomechanical design and construction are so robust that an ultra-fast speed of response can be realized while offering unmatched detector stability and service life. This cuts service and maintenance costs.

The instrument is supplied with universal hazardous area approvals. It is ideal for use in systems with a SIL 2 requirement.

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