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Detection of Toxic Gases – OLCT 100 Fixed Gas Detector

The OLC/OLCT 100 range of fixed detectors has been specifically developed to monitor toxic gases, combustible gases, or oxygen.

The device is solution-oriented and application-driven with options including:

  • OLC 100 detector with a Wheatstone bridge output for the identification of combustible gases
  • OLCT 100 transmitter with 4 - 20 mA output

Available in intrinsically safe or explosion-proof versions, the OLCT 100 is for detecting all gases in ATEX zones.

The OLCT 100 is also offered in a stainless steel version, which provides better resistance to corrosive elements, making it suitable for wastewater treatment plants, marine, food processing activities, and much more.

The intrinsically safe, stainless steel version is certified for use in zones 0 (gas) and 20 (dust), while other versions of the OLCT 100 are certified for usage in zones 1 (gas) and 21 (dust).

The following are the range of OLC/OLCT 100 fixed detectors:

  • IR Sensor - The infrared sensor enables detection of CO2 gas
  • OLCT 100 IS - This intrinsically safe version is fitted with an electrochemical sensor for detection of oxygen or toxic gases
  • OLCT 100 XP - This explosion-proof version is fitted with an electrochemical, semiconductor, or catalytic sensor for detection of oxygen, toxic, or combustible gases
  • OLCT 100 XP IR - This explosion-proof IR version is fitted with an infrared sensor for detection of CO2
  • OLCT 100 XP HT -  This high temperature explosion-proof version is detection of combustible gases up to 200°C. High temperature cable included: 5, 10, 15 m lengths.

Reliability The OLCT 100 fixed gas detector is SIL 2 certified, in accordance with the EN 50402 standard, which corresponds to IEC/EN 61508 for gas detectors.

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Key Features

  • Infrared XP version
  • SIL 2 high consistency
  • IP 66
  • Available in stainless steel or aluminum version


  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Steel mills
  • Chemical industry
  • Water treatment
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Refrigeration industry
  • Food industry

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