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Open Path Combustible Gas Detector – Spyglass

The Spyglass system can substitute 20 line of sight point gas detectors, thus saving up-front costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. There are just two units to service, and the maintenance needs are minimal. Only one long-life consumable has to be replaced periodically. All of this helps to keep the costs low for the customer.

The Spyglass system detects hydrocarbon gases by testing the absorption of radiation produced by gases in the atmosphere and comparing it to background atmospheric absorption. This is done between a pair of units: a detector that can monitor a distance of up to 200 m and a Flash Source.

Spyglass Gas Detectors have a sturdy design and can handle very harsh environments. The 316L stainless steel housings meet IP66/IP68 and NEMA 250 6P egress standards. Its circuit boards are epoxy coated for protection; MIL-C-810C testing is performed for humidity, fog, salt, mechanical shock, vibration and temperature extremes. SIL-2 approval per IEC61508 is the final statement in reliability.


  • Multi-combustible gas detection
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Detects over a range of up to 200 m
  • Easy communication with detectors
  • Easy configuration and trouble shooting of units
  • In-built event recorder
  • Automatic heated optics
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Multiple regulatory approvals

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