Portable Gas Detector - GS700

The GS700 Portable Gas Detector available from Teledyne uses the advanced infrared gas detection technology in a reliable and sturdy design. The detector offers smart data-logging functionality integrated with optional GPS mapping to facilitate the collection of data. It also easily syncs with cloud-based Instrument Management System (IMS) to assist compliance and reporting.

The detector’s natural gas differentiation feature rapidly identifies the cause of gas leaks, either in naturally occurring biogas or pipeline gas, decreasing costs related to detection and saving precious time.

Features of the GS700 Portable Detector

  • Provided with Volume Gas (infrared) and LEL
  • Has optional sensors such as O2, CO, H2S, and PPM
  • Soft-key operation is provided
  • Communication: Bluetooth (optional) and IrDA
  • Bar hole mode can be configured
  • 360° alarms
  • Rechargeable or alkaline battery options are offered
  • Ingress protection—IP55
  • Sturdy and lightweight

Portable Gas Detector—GS700


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