Gas Detection Controller - MultiSafe-MX System

The MultiSafe-MX gas detection controller from Teledyne has been specifically developed to protect high-risk, high-hazard facilities and plants.

The MultiSafe-MX system has been certified by European laboratories to conform to the relevant regulatory requirements.

The panel includes specialized cards that are fitted in 19″ racks with their own “intelligence.” The cards are programmed for gas detection, active and passive fire protection, logic functions, and intruder alarm.

The MultiSafe-MX system can also communicate with SCADA and supervisory systems through Modbus, TCP/IP, or Ethernet.

Using traditional and/or addressable module outputs and inputs, the MultiSafe-MX gas detection controller easily interfaces with devices. These modules are utilized to customize the system according to customers’ needs.

Features and Benefits

The Multisafe-MX control panel is a fully flexible, SIL-certified, integrated fire suppression control, fire detection, intruder alarm, and gas detection system. It provides a wider choice of configurations and fulfills the demands of several industrial sites. Dedicated cards identify the system performance needs.

Key Features

  • Burglar/intruder alarm
  • Automatic systems
  • Designed to protect high-risk facilities and plants
  • CCTV and logic function
  • Interacts with SCADA systems
  • SIL-certified

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