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Portable Gas Detector - Leaksurveyor

The Leaksurveyor portable gas detector available from Teledyne makes use of a rapid response semiconductor sensor, decreasing the time taken for gas leak surveys on gas distribution networks. Flammable gas is detected by the Leaksurveyor, ranging from PPM, via LEL, to 100 % Vol.

Key Features

  • LEL, PPM, and volume flammable gas series for bar holing and general safety monitoring, as well as leak detection
  • Integral Semiconductor Sensor (with a range of 0 to 10,000 ppm) offers quick response leak detection
  • The integral pump comes with pressure sensor for flow fail detection with the sample path safeguarded by a hydrophobic filter
  • Visual and audible “Geiger” alarm indication is given on ppm range
  • Sturdy polypropylene case, secured to IP54 rating, and well-suited for external use

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