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Direct Detection of Combustible Gases with Infrared and Catalytic Bead Sensor Technology – Freedom Transmitter

The Freedom Direct gas detector helps reduce installation and inventory costs associated with multiple gas detection points throughout a facility by as much as 40%. This gas detector has been custom designed to detect combustible gases by using Infrared or Catalytic Bead sensor technologies. It further delivers information on gas concentrations directly to a controller that is specifically designed to accept Catalytic Bead sensors without the requirement of a transmitter.

The initial investment needed to maintain plant safety is reduced by this detector as it prevents the use of the transmitter.

Key Features

  • Simple, compact design perfect for difficult or remote installations
  • Plug-and-Play Sensor Technology to offer effortless maintenance
  • Upgradable to the Freedom 6000 in the Field
  • Compatible with IR and Catalytic Bead Sensors
  • Switch between catalytic bead and Infrared technology seamlessly

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