Indoor or Outdoor Facility Monitoring: OLC(T) 20

The OLC(T) 20 Series of gas detectors from Teledyne has been developed for indoor or outdoor facility tracking and other applications to fulfill your gas detection needs at a sensible price.

The latest generation of OLC 20 combustible sensors is not affected by toxic substances. The units offer total reliability and very quick response times. They can be installed on a housing by using an M25 or 3/4″ NPT thread.

The stainless-steel detector offers safety and resistance to corrosive agents. The detector conforms to IP 66 classification, being resistant to water ingress and dust. The OLCT 20 includes precalibrated sensors that can be detached by turning the head of the unit. These sensors are “smart” and can be calibrated on a workbench, outside risky areas.


  • Total reliability
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor tracking
  • Can be installed on a housing with an M25 or 3/4 ″ NPT thread
  • SIL2 appropriate for combustible gases and oxygen
  • The pre-calibrated sensors can be detached by turning the head of the unit
  • Stainless steel detector offers resistance to corrosive agents and safety

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