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Wireless Gas Detection Sensors - CXT

The CXT wireless gas detection sensors available from Teledyne are sophisticated field devices that include a CXT low-power gas detection sensor and a wireless transceiver integrated into a single enclosure.

All components of the CXT gas detection sensors are rated for Class 1; Division 1, Group C, D hazardous locations.

The CXT device is powered by a disposable “C” cell battery pack that constantly operates for more than 60 days. A smart rechargeable battery with five to six months run time, a disposable “D” cell battery pack with nine months run time, and a solar panel that offers constant operation are available as additional power options.

Features of the CXT Wireless Gas Detection Sensors

  • Require minimal power and include built-in transceivers
  • Battery packs are disposable
  • Offers universally accepted 2.4 GHz non-licensed frequency
  • Features self-healing mesh network topology
  • Comes with an integrated display for field device HMI/gas sensor

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