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Smart Flame Detection for Industrial Environments – FlameVision FV-40

The FV-40 Series Flame Detector provides a smart, flexible solution for any facility where the presence of flames poses a risk. The facility’s personnel can choose between Single IR, Multi IR, UV, Triple IR (IR3), UV/IR4.5 µm, UV/IR2.5 µm, and Ultra-Fast UV/IR detectors.

The FV-40 Series includes the newest technology for superior quality detection and resistance to false alarms, while taking into consideration the budget. All units feature heated sensor windows to remove condensation and icing, multiple regulatory approvals, sensitivity selection and flexible communication options, including three-color LED, 0-RS-485, 20mA, HART® Protocols, and MODBUS®. Robustly designed to handle harsh work environments, the FV-40 Flame Detectors provides long-life and high-reliability features.

Key Features

  • 316L stainless or aluminum housings for long life and durability
  • Completely adjustable 316L stainless steel mounts included for flexible installation
  • Long range and wide field of view minimize the number of units required
  • Easily connect to existing systems
  • Fast responses (five seconds or less) mean fast alerts to hazards
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance requirements save money and time
  • User-programmable operations allow for customization to meet individual needs

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