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Portable Gas Detection with the SmartWireless® Site Sentinel

The SmartWireless Site Sentinel is a lightweight, transportable wireless gas detection system.

This stand-alone system can be equipped with one or more electrochemical and infrared sensors for monitoring combustible hydrocarbons and toxic gases in heavy industrial environments.

Featuring a novel Self-Healing Mesh Network topology, the gas detection system can be operated on a network. It is designed with Detcon's patent-pending Fault Tolerant Safety Network to prevent system failure.

In order to ensure widespread alert to site personnel, additional sensors or remote alarm stations can be added on tripods as required.

The SmartWireless Site Sentinel is suitable for Division 1, Class I, and Group C, D areas and can either be transported, fixed and semi-fixed. The system can be used in both light and heavy industrial environments.

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Key Features

The main features of the SmartWireless Site Sentinel Transportable system are:

  • Reliable and lightweight
  • Each system includes gas detection sensor(s), tripod, network HMI, and alarm warning devices
  • Flexible and expandable, a Site Sentinel network can include up to 32 devices and consist of any combination of wired and/or wireless sensors, one or more HMI panels, and optional solar panels
  • Optional Sentinel SiteWatch provides remote access to system data via cellular communication or Ethernet
  • Power to the sensor assembly is supplied by disposable batteries, a rechargeable Smart Battery Pack, or directly from HMI
  • Additional remote alarm stations and/or sensors can be added to tripods as needed to ensure widespread alert to site personnel
  • Suitable for rugged environments.

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