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Portable Gas Detector - OXYGAS 500

Teledyne’s Oxygas 500 complements the Gascoseeker 500 with a comparable performance. It measures % volume flammable hydrocarbons and % LEL, but with the incorporation of oxygen for either gas/air or gas/nitrogen/air purging. The Oxygas 500 also comes with a few extra features, such as manually selectable purge mode and automated zero during start-up.

The P-500 variant has a supplementary part per million (ppm) range of methane.

As the operation of the device follows the purge cycle operation, the Oxygas 500 can be operated easily, with very basic training. The sturdy design enables the Oxygas 500 to be employed in challenging environments. The instrument is also totally compatible with Teledyne’s range of calibration equipment and software.

Key Features

  • Gas/air and gas/nitrogen/air purge mode
  • Simple 2-button function
  • Automatic hydrocarbon range selection
  • Can be calibrated through an IR link to GMI autotest

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