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Hazardous Area Wireless Gas Detector - OLCT 80

A new wireless system with OLCT 80 field detector/transmitter has been launched by Teledyne. This novel model powers wireless connectivity in ATEX 1 zones.

Listed below are the features and advantages of the OLCT 80 Wireless gas detector:

  • A design appropriate for explosive settings
  • An infrared remote controller and on-board display for non-intrusive, single-person calibration
  • Flameproof or intrinsic-safety sensors
  • Low power needs
  • Universally accepted frequency of 2.4 GHz/900 MHz
  • Flexible input/output options, such as TOR, analog, and Modbus RS485

The OLCT 80 transmitters have been designed in compliance with stringent specifications, making them the standard instruments in the gas detection field.

Engineered to match the challenging requirements of the largest industrial companies, the OLCT 80 is a huge success when it comes to cost optimization and technical performance.

The OLCT 80 transmitters are available as flameproof, remote version, or intrinsic-safety-approved sensors based on to-be-detected gases. The OLCT range features non-intrusive, single-person calibration and allows the detection of O2, toxic, combustible, and refrigerant gases.

XP IR infrared sensor is provided for the detection of CO2.

Main Features

  • Allows connectivity of up to 49 devices per network
  • Operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz (EU) / 900 MHz (USA)
  • Has a strong mesh network topology
  • Requires low power
  • Line-of-sight range of up to 3 km
  • Offers versatile input/output options (on/off, analog, Modbus RS485)

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