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Oxygen Detector - CTX 300

The CTX 300 oxygen detector available from Teledyne can fulfill the most demanding safety needs of users, especially when hazardous levels of oxygen (O2) or toxic gases endanger the safety of an unclassified location.

The CTX 300 oxygen detector has been designed to detect O2, refrigerant, and toxic gases. It also utilizes the latest sensor for detecting carbon dioxide (CO2) across three different ranges—0% to 5% volume, 0% to 100% volume, and 0 to 5000 ppm.

The CTX 300 oxygen detector conveys information in record time. With an extensive range of sensor options, the detector has the flexibility to safeguard several potentially dangerous settings.

The unit can be easily maintained with an optional LCD and pre-calibrated sensors.

Features of the CTX 300 Oxygen Detector

  • The CTX 300 detects CO2, O2, refrigerant, and toxic gases
  • Includes pre-calibrated and plug-in sensors
  • Features a 4 to 20 mA output analog transmitter with backlit display (optional)
  • Available with semiconductor, infrared, and electrochemical sensors
  • Comes in an infrared version for CO2
  • Complies with EN14624 standards for R134a monitoring
  • With over 30 different sensors, even the most toxic gases in the industry can be detected




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