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Measure Gases Common in Many Applications - GASURVEYOR 500 Series

The Gasurveyor 500 Series is the most versatile range of gas detectors supplied by GMI. Through a simple choice of software and hardware options, the instrument can be easily configured to match the user’s particular application.

The Gasurveyor 500 Series offers very accurate and dependable instrumentation in a very sturdy, anti-static case, thus measuring gases widely used in a number of applications.

Any mixture of flammable gas from parts per million (ppm) through Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) to percent volume, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide can be chosen to guarantee that the user’s precise requirements are fulfilled. The entire Gasurveyor 500 Series includes twin-mode instruments, rendering them ideal for surveying work, as well as for constrained space.

Main Features

  • Sturdy, durable case
  • Auto range LEL/Vol %
  • Up to four gases
  • 4-button and 2-button instruments are available
  • ATEX-certified
  • Four-button series twin mode with datalogging
  • Auto calibration available

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