Alarm and Control System: Model X40

Teledyne has launched a new alarm and control system called X40. The Model X40 controller features sophisticated technology with built-in, intuitive intelligence and is fully field programmable using a compact handheld magnet.

The control system features a backlit LCD screen that displays real-time readings and also the status of the field device.

During standard operation, the LCD screen displays both the current reading (that is, channel number, gas concentration, and gas type) and alarm status for up to eight field devices at the same time. During standard operation, the sequential display automatically cycles through all the active channel screens.

The Model X40 includes enclosure options, like NEMA 1 panel mount, NEMA 4X, and NEMA 7.

Features and Benefits

The Model X40 is a low-power alarm and control system specifically developed to track numerous gas detection sensors and/or an extensive range of other field X40 functions as a Modbus™ Master.

Through the stackable din-rail mounted I/O modules, the X40 system can be modified and expanded based on individual application requirements. All I/O modules are separately addressable and work on 11.5–30 VDC.

The X40 alarm and control system offers power for up to 32 field devices and can accommodate up to 12 4-channel I/O modules.

I/O modules such as a 4-channel 4–20 mA input module (DA-4), a 4-channel 4–20 mA output module (AO-4), a 4-alarm relay output module (RL-4), and a 4-relay contact input module (DI-4) are provided for use with the X40 system.

Users can mount the modules inside the main system enclosure or install them remotely to streamline field wiring.

  • Backlit LCD screen display
  • Has a capacity of 32 channels
  • Allows simple and intuitive field configuration
  • RS-485 or analog input options
  • SmartWireless capable
  • Elaborate event data logging
  • Distributed or wired I/O

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