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Portable Gas Detector - First Responder

The First Responder portable gas detector available from Teledyne is a combustible gas indicator that has been built for emergency response technicians in the gas sector.

The First Responder portable gas detector detects flammable gas at LEL, PPM, and % Vol levels with the inclusion of carbon monoxide, for interior air supervision.

An alternative external range diffusion probe equipped with a high-speed semiconductor sensor allows quick response while detecting tiny leakage in fittings.

Features of First Responder Portable Gas Detection

  • Carbon monoxide range for interior air monitoring
  • LEL, PPM, and volume flammable gas series for general safety monitoring and detection of leakage
  • Manual and automatic data logging
  • Access to all features are enabled through a simple four-button operation
  • Probe-fitted semiconductor sensor (range of 0 to 10,000 ppm) offers instant response leak detection with visual or audible “Ticker” (Geiger) alarm indication

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