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Portable Gas Detector - GASCOSEEKER 2-500

The GASCOSEEKER 2-500 available from Teledyne has been developed based on the accomplishment of the strong and reliable Gascoseeker MK2. The GASCOSEEKER 2-500 is the UK gas industry-standard instrument for quantifying percentage volume flammable hydrocarbons and % LEL, with more than 20,000 instruments in use within the UK gas industry.

The GASCOSEEKER 2-500 Portable Gas Detector’s two-button operation makes it simple to use, and operators can be trained rapidly. The sturdy design of the detector enables its use even in severe environments. In addition, the GASCOSEEKER 2-500 is completely compatible with Teledyne’s range of calibration equipment and software.


  • Automatic range selection
  • Gas industry-standard product
  • Easy operation
  • Sturdy construction (sealed to IP54)
  • Outstanding reliability

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