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Toxic Gas Detector Transmitter: Freedom 5000

Teledyne’s toxic gas detector transmitter, called Freedom 5000, has a two-wire design and comes with an intrinsically safe housing. The transmitter can be easily installed and is well-suited for general industrial applications.

The 5000 transmitter and sensor have a unique electrical design that almost removes false alarms caused by EMI/RFI sources.

By integrating sophisticated sensor technology with common electronics as well as a common user interface throughout all configuration, the Freedom 5000 helps users simplify the operation and maintenance needs of the transmitter for its points of toxic gas detection.


  • Proven product with a huge installed base
  • Loop powered (two-wire) to enhance ease of installation
  • Can be used with the industry-leading Rock Solid sensor technology
  • Common user interface for all kinds of toxics sensors to decrease the training required and to ensure ease of use

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