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Point Gas Detector - GD10 Series

The GD10 Series from Teledyne has been designed with attributes that deliver an effective response to gas hazard detection in a broad range of industrial settings, from offshore petrochemical installations to boiler plant rooms.

The GD10 range of infrared gas detectors differs from other models because it employs silicon-based solid-state infrared sources. The comprehensive optomechanical design and structure is highly stable and helps achieve ultra-fast response speed while delivering unmatched detector stability and service life. The instrument saves service and maintenance costs.

Teledyne offers the longest integrated detector and IR source warranty available on the market.

Key Features

  • Field recalibration not required
  • CSA and ATEX life-safety performance approved
  • SIL 2/3 certified
  • Offers dual skin weather protector—filters/sinters or gauzes not required
  • Scheduled maintenance enabled with HART
  • 15-year warranty for IR sources—solid-state optics





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