Gas Detection Controller - 7400 QuadScan Series

The 7400 QuadScan Series controller available from Teledyne is easy to use and simple to configure. Optional serial interfaces, adjustable alarm set-points, measurement ranges in engineering units, and several other features of the controller provide flexibility to fulfill the most demanding applications of the users.

Features and Benefits

The 7400 QuadScan Controller has been designed to offer alarm functions and concurrent display for up to four controlled variables. A graphic LCD displays the monitored data as engineering units and bar graphs. Three adjustable alarm levels are offered for every channel. Relay outputs enable horns, control of beacons, and other alarm events.

Key Features

  • The controller is available in various configurations to fulfill the requirements of most industries
  • Flame or gas detection with two or four points can be combined
  • Consistent with 4 to 20 mA, input relays, and MODBUS
  • Freedom direct compatible
  • Provided with three kinds of adjustable alarms for every channel

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